Charge your card with discounts

Högskolerestauranger’s loyalty / student card makes life better. It's quick, easy and gives you discounts at our cafes and restaurants.

Being a regular customer at Högskolerestauranger should pay off. With our loyalty / student card you get a discount on today's lunch at our restaurants and at our cafes 10% discount on our café assortment. The card can be charged with minimum SEK 300 on our website or directly on your smartphone. When charging the card at a restaurant or café, the minimum is SEK 500. An extra added value for our card holders is shorter queuing time at several of our restaurants. Get your loyalty or student card, which is also environmentally friendly, for free at one of our restaurants or cafes.

Our system for loyalty/ student cards has been updated during the summer. If you have an old card, start by re-registering it. If you are a new customer, start by registering your card and creating a personal account. To charge your card, log into your personal account. The QR code on the back of the card can unfortunately not be used.

Do like this:

  • Start by registering your card. Register the card here
  • Fill out the form. Enter card numbers without spaces and leave out the first two digits. E.g. 92390004164255
  • Enter control / Smart code with uppercase letters. (Smart pass code is on the back of your card)
  • Enter your e-mail address and click on register.
  • Enter and confirm password and click register.
  • You will now receive a message in order to confirm the e-mail address you specified.
  • Login to load your card

When logged in to your account you can among other things:

  • Charge your card
  • Block lost cards
  • Change the registered email address
  • Get statistics on made purchases
  • Print receipts

Good to know

Charged cards will not be refunded. The card is valid for two years from the last date of charge. Lost loyalty and student cards must have been registered in order to be blocked. That’s all. Now you can start eating and drinking a little cheaper.

In the case of a lost card, the procedure is as follows;

  • Block your lost card
  • Go to one of our restaurants and get a new card
  • Register the new card.

Click on "My Profile" and then on "Short Information". Click on “Lock” on the card you want to block. Register the new card according to the instructions in the section above.